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Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology

900 Woodward Ave.,
Hamilton, Ontario.

Museum Of Steam And Technology - Hamilton

Scope of Work:

This multifaceted project completed in 1998 involved:

  • the restoration of the 160´ high chimneystack
  • rebuilding of three stone staircases
  • new slate roofing and copper troughs on the Engine House
  • a new lead-coated copper roof on the Boiler House
  • a new 100´ x 16´ concrete roof slab
  • the construction of a concrete arched flue connection between the boiler room and chimneystack measuring 16´ x 8´
  • painting of metalwork, doors, and other trim

A two part motorized platform was used to complete the work on the chimney. The chimney´s top 6´ of exterior and top 15´ of interior brickwork were dismantled. A concrete ring beam was cast and the inner walls were built upon this new footing using 12” blocks reinforced and filled solid. The top section of new brickwork was laid 3 wythes thick and other areas of brick replacement were completed throughout the chimney. The mortar joints on the entire chimney were cut out and repointed, a concrete cap poured, new wood frame lead-coated copper roof constructed, lead copper flashings installed, and a new lightning protection system provided.

The steps reconstruction involved removing the wing wall capstones, partially rebuilding the wing walls, resetting over 30 steps weighing from 500 to 2000 pounds each, and resetting the capstones with proper flashings.


This national historic site is Hamilton´s original Waterworks Department and is the only operable steam powered pumping station of its type in North America. It was built in 1860 by Thomas Keefer, chief engineer of the Montreal Water Board and one of Canada´s most noted civil engineers. The museum is open for tours and can be contacted at (905) 546-4797.

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