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Ruthven Park

# 243 Hwy. 54,
Cayuga, Ontario

Ruthven Park - Cayuga

Scope of Work:

The Drill Hall has received a complete overhaul of structural, roofing, masonry, concrete, carpentry, painting, mechanical, electrical, and numerous other related items. This work included:

  • five new steel trusses and four new steel tie-rods with decorative wall plates fabricated and incorporated into the existing roof structure and stone walls
  • repair or replacement of the roof rafter ends, collar ties, and sill beams, and the addition of an insulated roof deck
  • new shingles, fasia, soffit, and frieze board
  • new lead-coated copper rainwater system and flashings
  • repairing and re-glazing of windows
  • building new storm and inner sash windows
  • extensive restoration of the stone walls and interior plaster finishes
  • a new concrete floor
  • two new furnaces and ductwork
  • an upgraded electrical system
  • a new insulated ceiling with new lighting
  • repair to doors and refinishes on all existing hardware
  • cabinetry and numerous other carpentry items
  • complete paint/stain finishes on all exterior woodwork, windows, doors, trim, and walls

The Mansionís:

  • elaborate frieze board and roof structure was repaired and rebuilt
  • roof deck stripped, repaired and shingled
  • rainwater system and flashings restored using lead-coated copper
  • failing paint totally stripped and repainted
  • four large stone chimneys were dismantled and rebuilt


This national historic site was built in 1845 for the wealthy entrepreneur David Thompson. The property once included over 2000 acres, some of which was still in the family until the last descendant died in 1993. Ruthven is currently open for tours and can be contacted at (905) 772-0560.

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