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Chemical Cleaning

Many exterior restoration projects require the chemical cleaning of painted masonry and wood surfaces. Unpainted masonry surfaces (and those that have had paint removed), often exhibit a dark and blotchy soiled appearance. This is a result of air pollutants that build up over long periods of time. This is why many buff (yellow) brick buildings appear dark brown or black. These pollutants can also be removed in order to revert a building back to its near original appearance.

Many companies offer 'chemical cleaning and sandblasting services.' Remember, the most critical issue when deciding upon these types of services is the assurance from the contractor that the masonry and/or wood surfaces on your building will not be damaged.

Sandblasting is not and has never been an acceptable method of removing unwanted finishes on wood and most masonry surfaces. Bricks are manufactured with a baked-on finish, which helps protect them from excess moisture and subsequent erosion. Sandblasting removes this outer skin causing bricks to deteriorate faster, attract pollutants quicker (greater surface area), require costly water repellant treatments, and loose their natural appearance.

Robertson Restoration has an excellent record of experience in the area of chemical cleaning. We have completed a list of projects spanning over 25 years. We believe in customer consultation, thorough testing to establish the safest and most effective method(s) of cleaning, and professional results.

If you're thinking about giving your building a fresher appearance, or require any of our services, please contact us...we'll be happy to talk with you!

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